Comment: I saw Johnny Rotten recently

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I saw Johnny Rotten recently

(John Lydon) in a little club near Houston. Show was pretty good until the end when he put up the reverb and base and got all lord and master satan and shit. Sigh.

It was very disappointing. I don't believe in that crap one way or another but it made it hard to like the guy. It didn't go over well with the crowd either. Also he was supposed to do Sex Pistols stuff at the end but did that satan crap instead so I was annoyed as well as disappointed.

I mean if Johnny Rotten sold his soul for fame, or whatever, he seems to be getting pathetically short shrift from the bargain these days.

Point being, entertainers aren't bright. They believe all sorts of stupid crap, their belief doesn't make it true. I'd be willing to think SHE thinks she's got the inside track to something.

The real bad guys are busy trying to turn all worlds fiat currency into real assets so when the central banks are sacrificed the member banks and their owners will be sitting pretty. When the books and vaults are finally opened the gold and assets will be gone. The central banks will be shutterred amidst a big show of government anger. But the government will not find the gold or assets or really try. They will set up new 'accountable to the people!' central banks which will then be owned by the same interests.

I don't think they give a rats ass about beybimbo or her pathetic fans.