Comment: Grew up in Redford, lived in various other suburbs

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Grew up in Redford, lived in various other suburbs

Moved out of state for two years, came back two months ago and ended up having to bury a friend from high school due to the violence of Detroit. My own father was shot dead in Detroit in '83. Flip the news on in any given week and there's another shooting outside of a school that the national media doesn't take and run with, probably because black-on-black violence makes for bad TV. Kilpatrick's still on trial for corruption, wasted the city's much-needed money by firing whistleblowers, probably killed a stripper because his wife wanted her dead, took kickback after kickback running his pay-to-play schemes since before he even took the office. Under-reporting murders to the FBI to make the city look better. Devil's Night fires are down in recent years because there's barely anything left to burn. Block after block after block of vacant houses. Run-down industrial complexes everywhere, doing nothing but rusting. An arguably busy, safe downtown surrounded by a miles-wide borderzone straight out of Mad Max with no police or ambulances, no help at all. The number of safe neighborhoods can be counted on one hand. The police stations themselves are targets. No-snitch mentality keeping victims and witnesses silent. An "us vs. them" relic from Coleman Young's days branding anyone who can succeed at pulling themselves out of that cesspit as "uncle Toms", so they don't put their money back into the city (who can blame them?).

I assure you, there is not a single thing you can tell me about Detroit that will shock me, save for maybe "no one died today".