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A point often missed.

"Anyway that was my interpretation. I think much in the Bible has been translated over and over so many times; one has to perhaps reach for the answers in some of it."

You have your facts wrong. Modern bibles have not gone through several translations. The path of translation is not from A to B to C to D, etc. It is more like A to B, A to C, A to D. We have plenty of manuscripts in the original languages, and most translations are translated directly from the original languages. We also have dictionaries and lexicons of those languages based on works of the time, so we can see the scope of meaning of words in the original languages. You might invest in a concordance or some free bible software like e-sword. Also, the fact that there were multiple lines of transmission of the text simultaneously spread into different regions is significant. It is a reason why textual criticism of the biblical text is able to demonstrate tenacity, the idea that the original text is intact, because of the comparisons of different textual families at early stages of transmission. Even famous anti-christian scholars admit that the bible we have today says pretty much the same thing as the originals.