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now I see what you are talking about.

You say there is no evidence for a connection between the Illuminati and the obvious conspiracy. But what you should be saying is YOU haven't seen enough evidence to draw a connection.

I first heard of the Illuminati when I was a teenager. All the info I got was there was some elite unstoppable group with power over the world. Nothing more. I didn't hear much more about them until recently, the last few years I've visited this site upon discovering Ron Paul. Since then my learning has increased exponentially. I believe I have seen enough to connect some dots. It would take more than a few words here to explain it obviously.

It's like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. But nobody is necessarily sure even which pieces to use. However, so many things do tend to fit that even separate people otherwise unrelated can glimpse what the final picture might be. Make sense?

You're right that it might not be Illuminati as described on Wikipedia. It might be different. Or it might be partially that mixed with something else. Maybe calling it "Illuminati" isn't accurate. That's why I say look at my comment on what I believe it is, where I describe it as an abstract concept. So the name given to it can be arbitrary. But SOMETHING is putting this very evident force we can see over many years into effect. What you want to call it is of less importance to me.