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Bother bear

"There is one lesson, words to the wise, it seems to me, in two books.
The two books telling of this one lesson are these books:
In response to any high profile, out in the open, person, or group, declaring to resist by force the lesson in those two books applies.
When defensive violence occurs effectively the aggressors are not aware of their impending doom. Telegraphing intentions, in other words, are unwise.

In our times, compared to the times, real or fiction, in those books offered, news travels faster. In terms of currency, as in an electric circuit, information transfer is accelerating from a lower rate of transfer, currency, to a higher rate of transfer, as the amperage is going up, so a Chuck Baldwin type resistor is not so easily censored, or contained, or bottled up as if trying to keep the genie in a bottle."
I have wondered about those words above since I read them but am just now taking time to ask. I do not understand what the lesson to be learned is. Can you explain when you have time. Thank you :)