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What I posted had NOTHING to do with others

It had everything with YOU being BUSTED by jon, for posting on a thread by manipulating the lettering, so you appeared as if you were Richard, the attoney who was going to save the delegates with a law suit. The thread was 403d and YOU left DP for months after that.

Being that the thread is 403ed, the proof is gone, but I remember.

I signed a loyalty oath and though it did not work for my benefit in that I wanted to vote for Ron Paul in the general election, I addmitted right up front that I was going to vote Romney (not for Romney) but simply Romney, because I signed a loyaty oath and I kept my word to the oath I took, just as I would have wanted the others to keep their loyalty oath if Ron Paul had won the preliminary election.

My committee today is a Liberty committee with oath keepers, and everyone is committed to the constitution on my committee. It's a wonderful thing to have been part of, going from a Neocon committee to a Liberty committee in two years.

I am backing Rand because Rand is changing the GOP, has MSM attention without being paid for it, and is presidential material.

As for the Judge.. I will not support anyone who has been paid for TV MSM. You like him.. go for it.

As for Amash, I like him, however, he has a long way to go before he is presidential material.