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Very Interesting

"That it being necessary, by the Constitution, that every amendment to the same should be proposed by two-thirds of both Houses of Congress, the authors of the said proposition, for the purpose of securing the assent of the requisite majority, determined to, and did, exclude from the said two Houses eighty Representatives from eleven States of the Union, upon the pretense that there were no such States in the Union"

Do you know which states are being referred to here. I am relatively history ignorant, I am sorry to say. I never found the subject interesting...until I became interested in Liberty and not just taking it, Liberty, for granted.

I had a conversation below that indicated that the southern states had to agree with the 13, 14, 15 amendments to get back into the union or keep fighting the war. Is that your understanding as well?

Thank you for providing such an insightful quote from New Jersey!