Comment: Dr. Paul doesn't care how it

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Dr. Paul doesn't care how it

Dr. Paul doesn't care how it sounds, he is speaking his heart. Maybe he just personally has a problem with the idea of a sniper killing hundreds of "suspects". I think Jesus might too, not to compare the two, but a lot of people on this board consider themselves Christians, but some may have forgotten the Christian Just War Theory:

First, war must occur for a good and just purpose rather than for self-gain (for example, "in the nation's interest" is not just) or as an exercise of power. (NOPE, obvious reasons)
Second, just war must be waged by a properly instituted authority such as the state. (NOPE, not voted on by congress)
Third, peace must be a central motive even in the midst of violence. (NOPE, the war on terror will never end, it's moving to Africa now.)