Comment: It's not about feelings. It's about WORK.

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It's not about feelings. It's about WORK.

If you had any idea how much work it is to do what Granger and so many others of us are doing you'd shut your mouth quick.

It's roughly equivalent to calling someone's child who is 2 years old stupid or ugly. Because you have NO IDEA how much work may have been put in to get the child to where they are from where they started.

Some "parents" might have walked into their local friendly GOP and got appointed to a position and others may have put in hundreds or THOUSANDS of hours of hard work and relationship building to take over a local party.

You have NO IDEA and you are SUPREMELY IGNORANT. We are fulfilling Ron PAuls request of us and people like you make it millions of times harder to do so, because you give our enemies in the GOP aid and comfort.

So, if you believe as you do regarding *OUR* ***WORK*** in the GOP, keep it to yourself.