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I Worked In a Dairy

I DID milk cows twice a day and I am NOT a hypocrite. I lived on a farm and there is a BIG difference between factory farming and farming. The stuff they showed on that video was BIG farming and it was not the kind of farms everyone thinks of as "farms" I hate it when people get this idea of what farms are about but don't really KNOW about it. Go watch FOODINC or FARMAGGEDON and then post. I have lived in the country before and I KNOW how BOTH farms work. I can't BELIEVE you are holding up for a stupid commercial on the STUPER BOWL put out by a CORPORATION that closed all of the family owned and operated dealerships putting tens of thousands of people out of work across the country while leaving only the CORPORATE owned ones. So who's the hypocrite? And it IS about corporations. Oh BTW, Chrysler was BAILED OUT. DUH! Or is it that you are insulted that I would mention GOD in a post in a less than perfect light? Is this the Daily Paul? Seems like it's becoming the Daily Jesus. I don't dislike Paul Harvey and his message I RESENT THE HELL out of a big corrupt corporation like Chrysler trying to exploit it so get off your "hypocrite" BS!