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weebles and FBI

Party has little relevance to me. I vote the person, not the party. I have no interest in gj.

Granger and others feel that they can work within the gop. While possible, I feel that it is fruitless at this point and time. We will be badgered and lied to all for naught. The Libertarian party, while not as bad, has its own problems to deal with.

Before we can effect change, it will require the masses to change their thinking, and to abandon this welfare society. The middle and older generations are set in their ways. It will be a new and young generation that can potentially effect the change that we seek.

Winning this election, or the next, will do no good, other than temporarily slow down the nwo agenda, and maybe sign an executive order to cancel the non-Constitutional ones signed by this and prior presidents. The masses will complain, and then elect another president, continuing this endless game of see-saw.

I firmly believe that if we hold our ground and continue to speak, live and teach Liberty, the up and coming generation will learn from us and carry it through. This can not be realized if we settle for second best or compromise our values, for if we do, we will be considered weak with no clear direction. We will be considered a short-lived fad.

I hold no ill-will toward Rand. He is a good man. But he is NOT Liberty. He is a Republican. My goal is to support and promote true conservative Liberty people such as Amash, Massey, the Judge and others, even if we do not win a one-time election. Ron Paul has reached millions of people without ever winning a single nomination. It is his principles that will be remembered and carried on. The legacy must be known, and taught.

My goal is to change the attitude of America. [We] I need our Republic back.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul