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Tweets are brief and may not

Tweets are brief and may not always contain full context.

Ron Paul is right however, even if he didn't put enough politically correct pillowy softness to keep people from being butt-hurt about it.

We reap what we sew. This death was a tragic result, but perhaps a predictable one, even if not specifically. I do not participate in soldier worship.... at all. These people are "knowingly" signing up to go and kill other humans for empire. They may "think" they are fighting for freedom, but they aren't. If they were, DC would look like a crater.

They are killing people to protect the elite's financial interests, and by the time most of them "wake up" their lives and the lives of all those whom they have murdered are already destroyed.

What happened to this sniper is sad but it "is" the result of a his choice to participate in a system that produces results just like these for millions of people across the world.

Perpetual war produces perpetual horror and the casualties of it will stretch on until we stop the wars by any means neccessary.