Comment: I'm not sure I follow your logic

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I'm not sure I follow your logic

Maybe it is my medical training getting in the way, but there are many illnesses that are expected responses to an environmental stimulus. If I get a cold after my snotty kid sneezes on me, am I not ill? If head gets bashed in by a baseball bat and I suffer permanent mental disability, is that not illness? If I get lung cancer after smoking 3 packs a day for 20 years, is that not illness? I think what you are getting at is that PTSD is a spectrum- everyone experiences it a little differently- it is rare to murder. Just as it is relatively rare for an otherwise healthy person to die of flu. PTSD is an illness, because it interferes with living a normal life. It doesn't describe severity or a behavioral outcome that is known with certainty, nor does it imply a permanent state.