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What exactly is a disorder

I have trouble paying attention sometimes, doe I have attention deficit disorder. Do I need pills? I sometimes defy obedience, do I have obedience defiance disorder? Do I need pills? I sometimes see conspiracy at work when no one else does? Am I paranoid delusional and mentally ill? Can I fix that with pills??

You say PTSD is an illness because it interferes with living a normal life. What constitutes normal?? I venture to say that any active duty combat veteran does not live a normal life. I also say that it's perfectly normal for a young man having seen the tragedies and atrocities of war to have nightmares and jump at loud noises. I think what doctors call PTSD is a normal reaction to horror and the pills only make it worse. Is the army suicide rate up because of PTSD, or all the pills the doctors are shoving down their throats? Are school shootings happening because of video games, or because parents tell their kids they're mentally ill and need pills.

Pills proven to be linked to suicide,

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