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When a defensive violent act is planned it makes no sense to tell anyone about it for many reasons, the most obvious reason is that the tale may tell the aggressor who is being defended against.

This is a power struggle.

Knowledge is power.

If the enemy is not given any knowledge, then the enemy is by that measure powerless.

That works as described in those two books on an individual level, and so do not ever tell anyone, ever, if you find yourself in a very bad spot, and you have only one choice, and that one choice is violence. That is the lesson.

You can tell God, I suppose, but the two books mentioned, as far as I remember, do not speak of telling God either.

Loose lips sink ships.

That saying has to do with teams of people not one individual.

Loose lips sink ships is the same concept, but it applies to more than one person.

Do not let the attacker know you are defending violently, it is a rule, it is a natural law, it is a matter of factual understanding, according to at least one person who aught to know.

In the context of the Gulag there were very bad people among the victims who were collaborators, and they simply stopped being alive, no one knew how, and no one asked.

In the other book a similar message was communicated, and that book, which is a Novel, is how old?

Accurate Press (1995)

Similar message.

As to Chuck Baldwin, I don't know, but a puffer fish comes to mind.

If it isn't all show, then a show down like the one in Waco may be in the planning stages already. I don't know, seriously, the full measure of defensive power is greater than all the Legal Crime Power World Wide Combined if the source of all power is understood - it seems to me.

All the victims have to do is keep their power and stop paying liars so well.