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I have a different perspective.

Rather than to wait and let others do the work, I have been promoting Amash in my state and the neighboring, at meetings, gun shows, etc. I have printed thousands of flyers, people are interested and Justin is well received.

They vote movie stars. They vote nwo leftist neocons. They vote hope and change that is ripping this nation apart.

And Justin is not ready?

Justin lives the Constitution. He is Conservative. He is young and attractive, according to the ladies. He appeals to the younger generation, which is needed to effect the change that we seek.

If ALL states promote him as I have, he would be a contender.

r3VOLution is one of the largest grassroots ever. It is a shame that as much as this movement has grown, the people in it forget what it is about. Instead, they revert back to letting statists choose their candidate(s).

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul