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This is a very good suggestion FBI_Exposer Ω™

I really do believe the LP is flipping out because the best LP grassroots activists who were not insiders (the ones who make sure guys like Bob Barr abd GJ are nominated) left for the GOP and have taken seats, leaving those who have been pulling the strings empty handed.

I also think that some of them have "followed" us into the GOP and are still trying to defeat us.. Get this, The "Liberty Movement in the GOP here in CA, has invited Libertarian Raimondo to be the speaker for our little get together at the GOP Spring convention.

You bet I wrote them a letter and protested.. It's exactly as you say, the GOP wants loyalty and inviting Raimondo is underminding us. I'm going to the convention, but I'm not going anywhere near Raimondo.

This group did NOTHING to get us a suite, a table, a conference with CA GOP leaders.. instead, they set up a little Raimondo speaking engagement..

With friends like that, who needs Neocons dirty tricks?