Comment: I've been studying this a lot lately

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I've been studying this a lot lately

I have found that it really was the teaching of Christ that tells someone to real free of their master when givin the chance. That you have a right to life, you are not meant to be a slave to anyone.

I took a look at history and found out the influence of Jonas Clark starting the war of sucession, the cries of Philadelphia "we have no king but Christ!" And the idea that men are created equal is all a part of Christian teaching.

I heard someone say recently, Hitler could not have become a dictator without the help of the Christian church at te time, and look now during the inauguration, Andy Stanley called Obama our "pastor in chief"

We must wake up the Christians. They will be much easier to reach than the left. It should be a goal of ours to minister to our pastors the importance of resisting tyranny.