Comment: On "free market" medicine

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On "free market" medicine

I would like to add one more comment as a physician, a profession that is often bashed on this site despite our own Dr Paul being an MD himself. If you think you might be ill (with PTSD or otherwise ), and you want the help of a doctor, find someone you like and trust. If medicine were a free market like it used to be, it would be easy to shop around. You don't like pills? Find a doctor that will help you without pills. Weigh the risks and benefits. Ask for evidence. I personally go out of my way not to take pills for anything.

Unfortunately, and I'm sorry as an American, our VA system is not a free market. I think most VA docs want to help, but it is a managed system. I know there are incompetent doctors allowed to exist at the VA. This is a tragedy. Our veterans deserve better. This is why I think we need to fight government managed care at every level. Free market care provides the best care at the best price for everyone. Freedom brings people together! Peace.