Comment: May I share something with you, dear Americans?

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May I share something with you, dear Americans?

Just a little tip, by anticipation on possible future "proposals" coming to you - you're welcome:

Decades ago, the French have allowed their government to "manage" their retirement funds - it's a bit more involved, but there are basically three classes of those: one for the private sector, another for the self employed, and a third for the public servants.

And guess what?

It is now an unearthed past "secret" that the system is essentially broke - today's young working class not even sufficient to fund their parents' retirement... Much like the vast majority of govt managed funds, btw - but that's, say, "accessory" to the point.

Do not trust me: just do your homework, look it up, if you're curious enough.

So much for collectivism and the welfare state.

Game over. Same player, shoot again.

Now try to bring me a wanna be socialist with convictions to MY FACE.


We will have so much fun...

Ah well.


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