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I usually avoid these threads because they give me a headache, but I had to jump in here.

First of all, I've been doing my part for Amash in MI also. Lot's of flyers and educating.

"He appeals to the younger generation, which is needed to effect the change that we seek." Yup. Amash is not hard to sell to the young folks either. I am a college student and it took a little more effort than convincing people of Ron Paul, but it was not the hardest thing I have ever done.

"And Justin is not ready?" There is always an excuse isn't there?

I would prefer to choose my own candidate instead of having one pushed at me, and I'll support an underdog any day if it means I am supporting what makes sense to me.

Keep working on promoting Amash, I'm working on it here in the Central part of the state, even though I'm not in his district. As your signature says "Amash is on the horizon"