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I started following her cases

I started following her cases in 2008 for the historical significance. It started out as a "natural born citizen" issue but the more they dug, the more nefarious things they discovered. She and people helping her out uncovered many of the things Sheriff Arpaio discovered several years later. It was good to see two different sources finding out the same information. The media was ridiculing Dr. Taitz but couldn't say a whole lot when the information was coming out with another investigator. Dr. Orly Taitz grew up in the Soviet Union (Moldavia) and immigrated to Israel after the fall of the U.S.S.R. She married there and they immigrated to the U.S. She has maintained all along that she knows Communists when she sees them too. I heard her once say in an interview as if directly to Obama, "I know who you are." Takes one growing up in it to know one I would think. She took advantage of the opportunities in the U.S. that she didn't have in the Soviet Union. She bacame not only a real estate agent but a dentist AND attorney. Some in the media made fun of her for it but I found it quite admirable. She worked hard to earn what she has. There's no shame in hard work as far as I'm concerned. Dr. Taitz is probably the most tenacious attorney I've ever seen. She has not let up once in the face of great opposition. I was reading on her site the day she found out that Obama may be using an illegal social security number and she's not going to let it lie. That's fraud and a felony. This is about more than the "birther" issue. If anything, reading her cases are interesting. They were the ones who discovered the fake certificate online posted by the White House, the fact that Obama's draft registration wasn't "kosher", the fact that his SSN was from a deceased person living in Connecticut. I don't think it's a waste of your time to follow the cases. This one going before the Supreme Court....I don't know what's going to happen. But if anything, it will expose the corruption in the courts and govt. That's what I've learned most during all this. In one of her cases, she represented presidential candidates who never had a chance to advance because of the money involved funding Obama. One of those candidates was another black American (former ambassador, Alan Keyes) but he was more liberty-minded. Oftentimes, you'd hear someone call a person a racist for questioning the current president but Ambassador Keyes would've made a much finer president than Obama (in my opinion). And you certainly can't call him a racist for questioning. The courts all ruled that they had no "standing" to question the legitimacy of Obama's presidency. Why wouldn't another potential candidate not have "standing"? It made no sense to me. I do believe there is historical significance in all these cases; may not see it now but someday, we may all see it. But I'm not holding my breath for Feb. 15. I have noticed a trend though. Everytime one of these cases gets higher up the totem pole, I noticed the mainstream media will have some big story to distract the people. Watch for it next week.