Comment: I've seen my great uncle, who

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I've seen my great uncle, who

I've seen my great uncle, who fought in the Korean War and has PTSD, leap behind a couch when he heard a loud sound outside one Thanksgiving. It's a frightening thing to watch, and it has absolutely affected his life greatly for the last 60 years.

My mother had a traumatic experience in a hospital when she was a little girl and now experiences severe, totally destabilizing anxiety, every time she has to go to the doctor or get tested for anything.

This is what PTSD looks like. It's a disorder because this is not how people behave unless they have been severely traumatized. It's a disorder brought about by memories of a traumatizing experience.

I don't think my mother has officially been labeled with PTSD, but it would probably do her good to get medical help to help her cope with the situation.

What we should really be doing is de-stigmatizing people with PTSD, not pretending like it doesn't exist or that it's normal.