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So Sad

I'm very saddened by this turn of events. Over the past several years I have grown to really respect Ron Paul and identify with him politically. I donated the maximum amount to him in 2012. The GOP is done and I consider the Liberty movement the last hope. On the issues, frankly, I don't really know of anything I disagree with Ron Paul on. Today I now find myself totally lost. I am a veteran. I did not know Chris Kyle personally, but I served in the same special warfare community with him. He is my brother. Paul's comments were reprehensible and no amount of justify them clears that up. Apologies generally contain the word "sorry." I have many other brothers from the military, some still serving, SEALs and Army SF, who are huge fans of Ron Paul, or should I say, WERE huge fans.

The so-called "liberty" movement just lost a HUGE following today, myself included. Thanks Ron, great job! And not just from his remarks, but seeing the reactions to them on sites like this. And to think, I was almost going to sent DP money too.

P.S. What hypocrisy. All this lip service over the 2nd amendment out of one side of your mouth and then bashing honorable military service out of the other? You should all be ashamed. When SHTF don't come begging me for help. Enjoy your conspiracy theories, we're done with you. I was starting to think Rand Paul was a sellout and now I realize why he's doing what he is... because you guys really are nuts!