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Listen, like most people I

Listen, like most people I can sympathize with the idea that you identify with the recently murdered here. Did Kyle deserve to die? No, I can't make that judgement. I can judge his actions though, and what he did do was voluntarily sign up for the military, voluntarily participate in an immoral war (just following orders didn't work at Nuremberg, and it won't work here), and then write a book about it. I don't think that guys who do that are heroes. There are guys who refused to deploy, they went to jail because of it. Those guys are heroes for not participating in the immoral war in the first place. Does any of this justify his murder? No, that's what I think Paul has wrong here, because he implies if not explicitly states it, although later clarifies to suggest that the war caused the instability in the guy who ultimately murdered Kyle. However, to make this guy into some kind of hero is beyond my understanding of what the liberty movement and it's rational foreign policy is all about.