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are an idiot. The military obeys orders. Those orders come from the President. President gets his orders from Congress. Congress is elected by US.

Chris Kyle joined the military before 9/11 even happened. He raised his hand and swore to defend the Constitution and follow the orders of his chain of command. I took that same oath as well.

Congress, whether you agree with it or not, made a decision to go into Iraq and Afghanistan.

Paul voted yes into Afghanistan. He voted no into Iraq the first time. But despite voting no into Iraq he subsequently voted YES on funding the war in Iraq.

If you want to blame someone for "innocents" getting killed, blame Congress, not Mr. Kyle who did his duty with honor. Mr. Kyle defended his brothers and saved American lives from insurgents. You could also try blaming those actually responsible for the deaths too. Today the death toll in Iraq is nearly identical to the last several years of the war when we still had 100,000+ troops. Nearly all deaths are sectarian and have nothing to do with us at all.