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I'll be bold and say I think you missed the message

that Dr Paul was trying to convey.

The message was clear to me immediately as I read it (both the original tweet and the FB followup) but I realize this was not the case for many others.

It was all in the context of Blowback and Unintended Consequences of bad foreign policy and how these consequences inevitably come home to roost.

I believe his message could have been delivered a little differently and we all know he was never a perfect messenger, but the message remained perfect and this is another example.

Sir, it was not an assault on Chris Kyle, our Special Forces or the members of our military in general. If anything, it was the exact opposite of that

It was an assault on the Military Industrial Complex and the enormous damage that endless and unconstitutional wars bring home.

Chris Kyle was an unintended victim of this war machine. The shooter was an unintended consequence of this war machine. All the family members (related or not, yourself included) are unintended consequences of the war machine.

Untold numbers of PTSD cases, 150 Vets suicides every week....these are things virtually nobody is talking about, pretending this 800 lb gorilla isn't even in the room.

What Dr Paul initiated with a few keystrokes this afternoon is opening the door to national discussion about Blowback right here at home.

Very few people in this world have the power to do that and even less have the courage. He did.

Truth is very painful a pill to swallow sometimes and I saw nothing in his words that were meant to insult or ridicule members of the military in any way.

He was attacking the war machine, not soldiers following orders.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul