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I wasn't on Daily Paul at the time, but I've had Reason in my newsfeed for at least a couple years. I found libertarianism independant of Ron Paul, though I've become a huge fan of his. I think that there's a bit of a disconnect between the new libertarians and the pre-r3volution libertarians. You have to understand that not long ago, no one had ever heard of our ideas before and whenever we spoke about it...well, we were very isolated. We had no voice and everyone thought we were crazy...if they'd even heard of us. If you think that things were rough during the r3volution campaigns, you have no idea what it was like beforehand in the total wilderness. A lot of longtime libertarians have had decades of cynicism and a sense of total futility in politics and that's not going to go away overnight. After the campain, Tom Woods and others at Misis have said expressed similar feelings as well.