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Congress didn't make an

Congress didn't make an official decision to go into Iraq and Afghanistan... You do know that right? It's not something you can say 'whether you agree with the decision or not', because they BYPASSED the whole process. We haven't had a declared war since WW2. Somehow I doubt you've been following Paul too closely if you're not aware of that, one of his most common points expressed when discussing foreign policy.

"The military obeys orders. Those orders come from the President. President gets his orders from Congress. Congress is elected by US.", You'll probably get plenty of responses simply saying "That's what a lot of people said in Germany", an simplified version of what I'm about to say. You're oath was to defend the Constitution. It was not to blindly follow orders. You keep referring to the authority of the President and Congress as the 'responsibility and excuse' for the decisions made. A true soldier doesn't just embrace the authority decisions without question if the actions are questionable. Luckily, the vast majority of troops don't have to deal with that, but the fact that your first resort is to say, in essence, "I was just following orders" is a viable excuse is telling.

I'm normally not this bothered by a post, but if you can't draw the lines between the 'sectarian deaths' and the U.S. involvement in the region, you need to spend some time looking into the complicated world of blowback.