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Comment: That is sort of funny.

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That is sort of funny.

I was functioning just fine, pretty successful life actually. Then when my mother was dying and my daughter moving to college, I got sad. Didn't cry at work didn't miss work... but was put on antidepressants rather than offered any kind of grief counseling, and when I began to have suicidal thoughts I was diagnosed nearly to death. In the process of looking for anything BUT the SSRIs to blame, they dragged up a rape from when I was 15 that had not bothered me for decades, dragged me back through everything until I was an utterly non-functional human for a long time. I was a rape victim, then the shrinks got hold of me and gave me PTSD.
Go watch "The Marketing of Madness" before you even reply to me. The "professional blind spot" of mental health care providers damn near killed me.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.