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Have you ever dreamed about

Have you ever dreamed about turning your radio on, and THEN started hearing music which wakes you up? In reality, your alarm went off and woke you up... but yet, how did you dream about turning it on before the music actually started? Are you psycic? Nope. Brain lag. You heard the music before it came up on screen and thus recognised concsiously that it was playing, but the data was there and so you dreamed about turning on the radio and THEN heard the music.

Fear is a chemical response generated in your brain, and then sent to the center of your brain which processes the information. There is no reason this chemical signal cannot cannot experiance the same sort of lag that you get with dejavu.

You experiance this sort of thing in dreams all the time. All dejavu is, is brain lag which puts the "order" in which you experiance things out of normal. I imagine its applicable to nearly all brain functions, not just visual information.

This ability for the mind to lag visual awareness behind data reaching short-term memory is what helps sell the illusion that this dream state real waking vision.

There is a reason that most people, even on here, refuse to believe that that sleep paralysis state where you can't move is a dream. Its so damned realistic, people simply cannot compute that you can learn to manipulate it. You've been there, and so you can see how easily that without understanding what is actually occuring, people could be convinced that they have seen aliens, angels, demons and who knows what else in this state. Indeed I bet entire religeons have been born out of this experiance.

This is why learning to manipulate it and create your own visions is among the most amazing experiances a person can have in my opinion. Especially the first few times when you aren't quite convinced you're only dreaming. I think once you become more fully aware, it does cause the dreams to loose a bit of the realism. The longer you go, and the stranger things you create, the less convincing they seem to become until you finally wake up. Still even after 13 years of doing it, its still fun!