Comment: "Rand Paul will never be President saying he will shut down all

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"Rand Paul will never be President saying he will shut down all

the bases. In fact, he wouldn't be a Senator ever again either."

I know if I'm here having to explain things to you, you're probably not going to understand but here it goes..

You do know that we woke up a huge amount of people with Dr.Paul speaking out, right? Maybe you don't understand that giving millions and millions of people a voice is what shook people awake. If you quiet that voice and instead give voice to the people who have all had a voice through the same neocon agendas and politicians, then where does it truly leave the real Liberty movement.

If you want people to awaken, you MUST call them by their names.. I have many and they're all attached to Liberty.

Whether you realize it or not and I don't think you do, you're asking people who want to hear what's really important to them, to ignore what a candidate is saying and doing to believe that the candidate is going to secretly change his positions once he gets into office.

My idea of Liberty isn't the same as yours, that is obvious to everyone like me. I don't want to JUST win.. I want to win by my own standards. Rand doesn't hold my standards, he has made that clear and I'm not willing to trade down.

If I go with Judge Nap.. Tom Woods and who knows, maybe Amash, I won't have to trade down and I'm okay,as long as I see that we're making headway, to wait a small bit. That's IF they don't try to take guns then I'll hit the streets.. I won't be waiting to effect change.

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