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Congress "didn't make an

Congress "didn't make an official decision to go into Iraq and Afghanistan"???

What world do you live in?

S.J. Res. 23 (Paul voted Yes on this one)
H.J. Res. 114

These clearly constitute "official decisions". Both overwhelmingly passed.

I very clearly understand the concept of blowback and that's not the topic at hand. The he said she said b.s. is another topic, and one we might agree on. We can play that game until we're blue in the face. Oh they attacked us because we did this other thing first? Oh boo hoo, well we did this other thing because they did that other thing and so on. We can go back in time until Adam and Eve playing that game.

What do those politics have to do with Mr. Kyle? He served honorably. Unlike you he actually manned up to try and make a difference.