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Comment: "There is beer if you are of

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"There is beer if you are of

"There is beer if you are of legal age in whatever state or country you reside in."

You have a natural right to drink at whatever age your mind/ body decides its time. You have a natural right to own your body. You own yourself. You have a natural right to not be slaves. As a result, you have the right to consume anything you desire, at any age, so long as you do not harm anybody else. You have the natural right to drink water, to drink poison that will instantly kill you, to consume any drug, to eat glass, and to drink alcohol (which is also a drug). You don't have the natural right to harm somebody else, thus you do not have the right to drive recklessly drunk.

You have the natural right from nature to your body/ life. Natural rights may not be oppressed by any government.

You could make a great case that drinking laws violate the 9th amendment.

If your under 21, you have the god given right to put anything you want into your body as long as you harm nobody else.

"Resistance to Tyrants is obedience to gods." - Thomas Jefferson

The real issue, if there even is an issue to underage drinking, should be left to the parents and not the state. Drinking laws are an attempt for the state to take the role of the parents when it is really the parents issue to be taken.

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