Comment: Dr. Paul has been set up again! They are still afraid of him!

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Dr. Paul has been set up again! They are still afraid of him!

His comment, if indeed it was him and not a set-up product of the recent Twitter hack and theft, is actually very wise, sound, and once again, constitutionally clear and adherent! Dr. Paul is the most sincere and heartfelt of any persons who has served in congress, by a long shot! To suspect him of anything but empathy and constitutional adherence, is the height of idiocy, something even the old timer bums of D.C. have given up on in recent years!

It is not surprising that many comments attacking Ron Paul also miss entirely the meaning of his very simple statement of truth!

It is also not surprising that most of these comments come from very new DP users!

Not only is Ron Paul exactly right-on, pointing out the corruption of big government violating the constitution and bringing on these tragedies, Chris himself made mention of this fact. He did not entirely support the wars but totally supported his men and the American fighting soldier as his family, and his duty to protect!

It does not take a rocket scientist to understand Ron Paul's consistent and continued theme of blaming unconstitutional wars for the tragedy of not just this death, but the deaths of many other soldiers who did not die of battle but the results of the chaotic and unconstitutional war upon their own psyche.

We do well to suspect those who attack Dr. Paul so readily, so bizarrely, so illogically!

"... thou doth protest too much, methinks!"