Comment: Overall all premises are wrong

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Overall all premises are wrong

The title being the main premise is false. You think that this was about winning an election, NOT. Electoral politics is a muggs game. The bully pulpit of the campaign was worth it though.

Defending himself would be counter productive. Defence is weak, he stood firm in his principles and on the truth, and let the opponents show themselves for lack of substance.

Blaming conspiracy theorists is a cop out. Dr Paul was clear on were he stood on those issues. The lame stream would find something to hang on him no matter what.

The media was going to do what was in their best interest and all you can do is tell the truth. There is no way to control them, and vehement defence would have a big downside.

He was not cheated out of winning. He was an extreme dark horse candidate.

We won the day in the battleground of ideas, morals, ethics, philosophy.