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Comment: hmmm interesting

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hmmm interesting

While I can see the argument that Ron Wouldn't say this and he has people run his twitter account, I also think it has a very clear message everyone is missing.

This has the news letter business all over it. Ron does not micro manage his people even if they are putting out stuff with his name tied to it. I believe there was a disrespectful tweet about Jon Huntsman in the aftermath of the Iowa caucus that Ron had to apologize for and it wasn't Ron's work.

WE all know Ron is extremely polite and this comment is a bit too insensitive.

But Look at the message! Don't race to the Gun show to pick up AR-15s and 223. This has to be a nonviolent movement and far too many people get amped up about revolutionary fantasies. Violence is what we are fighting against because the state has a monopoly on violence. We are not going to over throw the state with violence. We have only one chance and that is to show everyone peaceful means are more powerful than the violent means. The goal is to expose how barbaric the state is in the face of truly peaceful people.