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I can not and will not speak for anyone else. My goal is to promote Liberty and Liberty people. I am in it to win it, as long as Liberty is the end result.

If grassroots got behind Justin, Massey, or anyone else for that matter, in full force as we have done for Ron, I do not see how they would turn down such an offer. The reception of Justin has been nothing but positive. My intent was for this once growing Liberty movement to promote a candidate of OUR choice and to see where it went from there. It is obvious that some here are settling. They forgot what Ron Paul has worked his entire life to realize. They are now willing to sacrifice everything that we have worked for and prop a compromising candidate based upon msm/gop. It may work out for them. Or they will get burned in the end. For all of the wrong reasons.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul