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Sure, go ahead, that is the

Sure, go ahead, that is the 'basest' of brags I see from pre-teens on Youtube. "Would you like to see my proof?". You need to grow up...

Aside from your 'registering'(I personally don't consider that a 'smoking gun', rather than just a possibility), you keep claiming again and again, that you know things such as "He's lost a lot of support today for this". And what's this with him not having any 'experience' with PTSD because he's an OBGYN? He was a veteran, the same level of experience you claim to have. If anything, you're qualifications are 'even', yet you keep pulling the "I was a veteran" line. If you're really a veteran, please stop abusing it as some 'higher authority' that is inherent with the job. You're so adamant that your time as a veteran gives you experience with PTSD, yet somehow, in a classic double standard, that's not the case for any other veteran who doubts your position?