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How Is This Possible...

... please, give me a chance to explain myself(I hate when people down-vote without commenting). Did you listen to the interview? Sean Hannity keeps telling Buchanan that we should stop giving aid and tanks to Egypt because they are a threat to Israel. Pat Buchanan responds by saying, "we need to keep a hand in this game" (referring to Egypt.

Do you see? Sean Hannity wants to stop aid to Egypt because he is pro-Israel leaving the option of our military on the table (in regards to Egypt). Pat Buchanan wants to keep good relations with Egypt (in other words keep giving them money) in hopes of changing them.

You know what? They are both interventionists.

Rand Paul thinks we should NOT use our military and NOT give them aid but guess what? we tear (you tear rather) Rand Paul apart when he proposes a bill to cut aid to Egypt because he isn't "being fair because he should cut aid to Israel too, NOW...".

My basic point in the comment above was this:

Because Rand has the last name "Paul" we expect him to BE his father and consider everything that is slightly less "traitor to the movement" and "bought by the est.". Whereas when we see politicians like Pat Buchanan and Justin Amash (who truly are amazing), we expect them to be "typical politicians" and when they do anything that is better than the norm we think they are "one of us". You see my logic? Please explain why you down-voted me because I really don't appreciate it.

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