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Telegraph, great paper, solid story

And I quote "But as a new trade war appears to be on the horizon, is Kirchner attempting to muddy international relations simply to cover up problems closer to home, and what does it mean for the 120 UK companies which have operations in the increasingly isolated Latin American country?"

It's an economic war. England holds more brute force equity and global trade ties, but Argentina holds the raw resources and the English companies are at her mercy.

Your linked article only solidifies my hypothesis.

Another very telling quote in your article:
But amid guidance from the Foreign Office that the “British Government has no doubt about our sovereignty over the Falkland Islands and surrounding maritime areas,” the mood among investors continues to strengthen.

In the week following the disclosure of the letter from the Argentine government to various UK and global banks involved in the industry,

the chairman of one of Falkland Oil and Gas’s biggest shareholders dismissed the legal threats as “bizarre and ridiculous”.

David Hudd, chairman of Falkland Island Holdings, which owns a range of businesses on the islands and has a 4.4pc stake in Falkland Oil and Gas, said: “Argentina has never relinquished its claim over the Falkland Islands, they are just making more noise about it now.”

Can you see my point now?