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Re: Chris Kyle punched Jesse Ventura's lights out

This is the biggest pile of bull crap. If it happened, Ventura would probably have brought it up first since he has a media sense about him and it would have been another thing to hit the talk show circuit. Not that he is a primadonna, but he's been a celebrity for decades. Secondly, Chris Kyle only had something to gain by making the claim - and that is that he punched out Jesse Ventura. If you make that claim as a SEAL of Kyle's stature, you are boasting about something, you perhaps, wish you did. If it really happened, most likely, the cops would have been called, and it would have been a major event. Ventura doesn't take crap from anyone, and punching out Jesse Ventura these days would actually be assaulting an old man. Not cool. So its possible Kyle had some issues himself. He considered all of his confirmed kills and his war in the Middle East to be all about "killing savages and barbarians" and that he had "no regrets". Doesn't seem like the kind of counselor I'd want talking to me if I had PTSD over killing a bunch of Iraqis.

Let me tell you, by 2006, my ex-girlfriend's sisters boyfriend had already served one tour. He was honorably discharged with PTSD. For almost a year, he was ordered to man a turret gun and fire on any incoming vehicles going towards a check point. He claimed most of the kills were civilians. That is what was going on in Iraq. His psyche was destroyed by it. Meeting a guy like Chris Kyle would not have helped a conscientious objector who couldn't get out.