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Comment: God is not the problem

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God is not the problem

What institution of man has NOT been corrupted? God is perfect Justice, Perfect Grace and Perfect Love. Your putting the blame on the wrong entity. God is not the tool for behavior modification by the establishment, but rather, God is the light that exposes dark corners in the world and compels people to stand against evil. The g.o.d. you are describing is merely the invention and manipulation of wicked men. These wicked men do not want you to find God, because if you truly found God then you would see clearer who your enemies truly are. Those who seek and maintain power have used religion for control, however, true believers and followers of Christ are more immune to this control than you would believe. Where in the Bible does it say to trust your government? The bible is not inherently a tool for could actually be considered a tool of liberation from the evil institutions of men. It is the tool of your salvation, if you choose to accept it and believe in Jesus.