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I mentioned this once and received one of the most rewarding looks I have ever gotten.

I was helping a neighbor re-build a corral after a wildfire had burned their place down. The neighbor was the son of a vet who had suffered PTSD. He was known as a little crazy as the scars of war were with him till he died. As a result my neighbor was raised as having the stigma of having a slightly off father.

I was making my case against war by stating that more troops committed suicide than died in combat last year. I proceeded to empathize with the situation by pointing out that subjecting them to a war zone and putting them in a position to take another persons life had to be tough. Not even really thinking about his past I said "there almost has to be something wrong with you if you aren't effected by it". A look came over his face that I can't describe, but I could tell it touched him. It was as if his whole life it had been a mark of embarrassment and suddenly he felt normal. There was no reason to be ashamed of a natural reaction. He mentioned a few words of his fathers struggles, and I think (I hope) it brought a little peace to him. I believe it did, I get a lot of satisfaction out of thinking it did anyway.