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I understand what you are saying, and that is one of the things I've considered, and I tend to agree to an extent. It's similar to what I told myself when I had to deal with it. But I don't think the brain-to-mind connection is very clearly understood. The fact that there is a correlation between chemical activity in the brain and fear, doesn't mean that the fear is the chemical response. The same goes for love and other emotions. How you see it really boils down to a question of your philosophical presuppositions and views on identity, consciousness, the soul, naturalism, etc.

I knew someone who said she had some sort of sleep paralysis experience, and she saw the face of her brothers satanic master floating above her, This was before she ever knew what he looked like. And when she snapped out of it and woke up, all of her toe nails fell off. There were witnesses to the toe nails, and neither I nor her other friends had reason to believe she would concoct the story. I knew another person with a similar experience involving another satanist, seeing them in their dream hours before they met them for the first time(BTW, I don't have something against satanists personally, I'm just relaying information as it came to me). I also read an account of a lady who had sleep paralysis and in it was raped by some creature. Her husband had gotten involved with freemasonry and brought home a freemason book of some sort, and the creature that appeared in her dream which she couldn't forget, she later found to be the exact same image that appeared in that freemason book which she had never seen before. I've had a dream where I found a rare and specific type of old necklace which I wanted to give to someone. After I woke up, (which was on that persons birthday), I didn't know why I had the urge to go to a specific place at some random triftshop which I wasn't familiar with. I found the object almost immediately upon entering and going directly to it's location in the back of the large 3 story store probably about an hour or so after I woke up. I remembered my dream as I woke up, and then when I found the item an hour later, it was the same object from the dream. I don't see how brain lag fits those kinds of scenarios. It does seem like a plausible explanation some of the time, but I'm not totally convinced that it is the only explanation, or that it is the best explanation in every situation.