Comment: Enough Food to Live. Yes. Enough Nutrition to Prosper. No.

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Enough Food to Live. Yes. Enough Nutrition to Prosper. No.

I am trying to be more healthy, loose (some) fat, and minimize my food budget.

The best I can do is $10 per day for groceries; shopping for deals in four grocery stores; including a discount foods store.

So, I can eat brown rice, fruit (currently grapefruit & limes), multi-grain/whole grain hot cereal, some quality organic leafy greens, avocado, yogurt (when a quality greek one is on discount), red potatoes and sometimes quinoa. Also, I supplement with extra calcium (longevity), glucosamine (to keep on moving), and a multi-vitamin (half dose).

I would like to spend $30 a day on highly nutrient-rich quality food; yet I have debt to shed.

If I were forced to live on $5 of groceries per day, I would hate every minute of it, and not wish it on anyone.

White flower coats the intestines.
White rice is nutrient poor (except rare/expensive naturally occurring white rice).
Corn syrup is bad for you.
Fruit juice has it's nutrients cooked out (and partially/artificially supplemented).
MSG messes with your mind and is addictive.
..and highly processed and prepared foods are full of crap (so to speak).

That kind of diet leads to poor health, lessened mental ability, hyper-glycemia, nerve problems, and obesity; making it less likely to succeed.

Food is life. $5 a day might not be enough to lift yourself out of the haze.