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Comment: Enjoyed the rant.

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Enjoyed the rant.

"So what is necessary? Stop believing in those lies, and ask someone, and listen to the answer, and then find out the facts as the targets are allowed to speak for themselves."

I think it's worth saying that everyone should stop believing... Period. Believing as a term suggest taking on faith, without any proof. Which is in itself - an extremely dangerous way to go about anything, especially worldview.

"If the claim is true, hey, hey, hey, over there, is a monster, and there is another one too, if so, then by some means, that claim can be realized by someone else, as being true, before someone then rushes to get a bomb to drop on the target.

Yes or no?"

If you have an actual rapist or murderer (typical low social parasite) in your custody - can you really take a risk of releasing him/her just hoping he/she changes? Killing anyone, even such individual - does damage to your own self, no matter your own mindset about it. And any such damage is irreparable - it can only be compensated by some other effort, but not undone. So at some point there a decision will have to be made about beaten social parasites. One that as history tells us - often made wrong.

"I think the English word prejudice may be useful in this case."

You are probably right. prejudices are very persistent, especially among those people who didn't acquire their information on their own. who didn't think it through and didn't make it their knowledge. And this plagues US liberty movement a lot. For example - if I even mention that I consider gays to be a medical condition above anything - I instantly get trolled, sneered and spammed with "you're ignorant, you don't even consider moral side of the issue" at most. Instead of at least listening to my argument and fact regarding it - everyone is stuck in "It's impossible just because". Very few people actually do listen and even fewer - make correlative research on the subject. That is a hardcore baseless prejudice as I see - when people don't even care about your rationel.

"Another useful English term, in this context, is collective punishment."

That is more based on stereotypes I think. Any decision you make in your life is unique. So are decisions about somebody else. But it's always tied to any collective approach. You can always find things to point your finger at. For instance - liberty movement proclaims liberty in everything - including liberty to be stupid in your decisions. Even this gives (and rightly so) so many opportunities to call hypocrisy. But let's make additional step. We can't really allow children to do anything they want, do we? So we restrict them. And our bubbly liberty-minded generalization doesn't work anymore, cause we willfully make a distiction. What that all tells us? That this generalization to describe an idea is in fact to the detriment of the idea itself. All I want to say that collective punishment will never be a problem, if we move the right direction from the beginning. And that can only be done on your own, not following some leader. Otherwise we have complete chaos, everyone has "his personal opinion" that you "must respect" or bust. No knowledge, no evolution is gained by species as the result.

Only as high as i reach can i grow
Only as far as i seek can i go
Only as deep as i look can i see
Only as much as i dream can i be