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Comment: I can't believe people watch it anymore.

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I can't believe people watch it anymore.

I barely made it through it. The longer I no longer watch TV, the more I feel like a fringe person. Television worship is bizarre. Modern 'News' is nothing but attitude. Mathews inserted himself into his 'report' the entire time. If anything it shows me a smug, shit for brains, smart ass that likes to put words in peoples mouths as humor.

That is not 'News'.

'He built that thing.' Speaking of Rove and the Tea Party he hijacked and coming from the Left.


That was horrible. Chris Matthews speaks as if shit is falling out of his mouth. His guests are the same.

One nugget of truth. Rove is the problem. We need a Lee Atwater to rise out of our ranks and get us into the White House. Toss the Bush era bums out. All of em.

The reason why nothing has changed is because its the same people since Reagan. A huge revolving door of people becoming more powerful at each turn. Even Obama played ball.

Who knows if Rand can win. What I do know is that he would have a different plan. Rand could steer the ship or hold us together. Times are gonna get tough and America is going to need real leadership.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul