Comment: I find it sad that many of

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I find it sad that many of

I find it sad that many of those who have become hot under the collar about RP's tweet are individuals who would describe themselves as "Bible believing Christians". Yet, RP quotes a scripture that so apply describes the overall situation, and he is branded as some type of cruel subversive.

Kyle certainly did live by the sword - going so far as to publish a memoir of his exploits in war. Then he spent time interacting with other warriors who were troubled by their memories of living amongst violence, and he ends up dead. Nothing Paul wrote was indicative of 'he deserved it'. The scripture he quoted is one we might describe as cautionary. It is proverb for the wise. It is of the same simple kind as the old saying, "If you play with fire, you're going to get burnt."

We are truly handicapping and, in some sense, warping a large portion of an entire generation of our young people by way of these foolish, unending wars. There are consequences. People return changed. Some return very damaged. Somethings inevitably flow from other things. So for Christians to view RP's tweet as some type of blasphemy is sad on multiple levels. The greatest sadness is that they are too blind to see the very truth the quote so simply articulates.