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You make my point

Not a whole lot of listening to the bottom in 1775 change did not occure because of a bottom up take over of a party or due to a bottome up vote that elected a bottome up president.

Instead the top not only ignored but when they saw change comming their way war drums began to beat leading to the 1776 war.

So my point again is that change does not come because of bottom up movements in a dictatorship or pyramid gov structure. It comes after the top refuses to step aside. The GOP has purged RP supporters as they did after Goldwater a similar bottom up movement.

I am far from a defeatist. You do not know me. Labels are intellectually corrupt ways that immoral people use assert they know you, when they do not really know you at all. Most labels have been fed to their mind and did not originate with them. It’s Better to be a leader, a thinker, and think beyond labels to see individual sovereign humans.

I choose enlightened disengagement as my weapon of choice. I belive a leaderless revolt to be the response. When a critical mass of humanity reject as I have the Rothschild Mafia criminal debt issue system I believe most of humanity will follow.